Fast Facts about Carbon Copy Pro

Carbon Copy Pro was developed by Jay Kubassek and has become a leading automated, turn-key marketing system. The Carbon Copy Pro system is designed to help teach people how to grow and succeed in the direct sales industry by efficiently and effectively finding qualified business partners.

This automated marketing system has upheld a proven track record of generating success for representatives in the direct marketing business from its release in October 2007. In this period of time, Carbon Copy Pro has increased sales over 100%.

Some key features and benefits of the Carbon Copy Pro system are provided below:

  • Prospects will receive an automated email acknowledgement immediately upon submitting their name and email when entering the site. The prospect will then be presented with a page of testimonials before entering the application page.
  • Carbon Copy Pro will weed out less motivated prospects with the $49 application fee. This means that most applications received will be from those who are serious about kick-starting their successful home-based business.
  • Within 1-2 business days of application, a serious entrepreneur will receive a phone call from one of Carbon Copy Pro’s Senior Consultants. This call will confirm that the application was received and invite the prospect to a private conference call.
  • Carbon Copy Pro will continue to send professional emails to each prospect throughout the process on your behalf.
  • The system allows you the option to personally call a prospect and welcome them to Carbon Copy Pro. If you are not comfortable placing direct calls, you can opt not to make these calls. However, the Carbon Copy Pro system also provides a training call which is designed to develop your phone skills so that you will become comfortable placing calls to prospects and talking about your business.
  • You receive direct help from Carbon Copy Pro’s Millionaire Mastermind Group (MMG) in the form of a direct phone call to each prospect. In this call, the MMG member will ensure that your prospect has received the information and answer any questions which they may have. MMG members will focus on encouraging and informing prospects on your behalf without pressuring them and making them uncomfortable.
  • You will earn a commission of $30 for every $49 application which you receive.
  • You earn an additional $30 commission when a prospect joins your team and chooses to use the Carbon Copy Pro system. This $30 commission will be paid to you every month this person is a Carbon Copy Pro member!
  • You will learn how to best generate your own leads as well as benefit from Carbon Copy Pro’s ongoing research and testing of lead generation programs. These programs include advertising co-ops, joint ventures with professional lead generation companies, and direct mail campaigns.
  • Carbon Copy Pro offers several training calls each week. These cover a variety of topics including the principles of successful Internet marketing, communication skills, lead generation, “mindset,” and more.
  • In addition to the aforementioned sponsorship and training calls provided to you through the Carbon Copy Pro system, you will have access to the CCPRO Forum, or discussion board, where you can ask questions, read and share tips with other members, and receive support.

To understand the full power and potential of the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system, fill out the form below for additional information. You will be happy you did.