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Have you ever been envious of other people's success? Do you find yourself looking at what others have accomplished and wonder, "Why can't that be me?" Do you often feel that the successful business people must have some "secret society" or "members only club" to which they belong that gives them all the secrets to growing a successful business?

Well, maybe they do not all belong to some exclusive club that teaches them the secrets to starting and owning a successful business, but now you can! With the Carbon Copy Pro automated marketing system, now you can operate a successful online marketing business.

Carbon Copy Pro's Business in a Box system is created with the knowledge and techniques of the top internet marketers built in. This system will take you from generating leads to closing the sale, while providing the support you need for every step in between.

Some examples of the professional support you can receive when you become a Carbon Copy Pro member include:

  • The opportunity to partake in up to 22 live training calls each week.
  • Access to the 110 page private Carbon Copy Pro website.
  • Your own personal website which you can choose from among the 15 pre-made sites or design with the Carbon Copy Pro in-house template.
  • Monthly issues of the Carbon Copy Pro Newsletter, The Edge, which provides updates on the latest marketing techniques.
  • Access to the Carbon Copy Pro Video Library with the opportunity to view more than 50 training videos.
  • Professionalized auto-response e-mails which are sent to each prospect as they submit their name and email address to preview the Carbon Copy Pro system.
  • Live personalized phone calls to follow up with each prospect after they submit an application to join Carbon Copy Pro.
  • Exclusive access to the Carbon Copy Pro discussion board where you can share ideas and experiences with other entrepreneurs like yourself.

This Business in a Box, otherwise known as a BiB, is a self contained internet marketing how to guide. It allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of the top marketing experts. This system will generate results.

Selling out almost immediately at its introduction was only the beginning for this great profit generating tool. Today Carbon Copy Pro now sells to entrepreneurs worldwide. From the experienced internet marketer to the beginner, the BiB is designed to allow anyone close sales and earn money. If the system did not generate profits for the business owners, people would not continue to buy it in such great numbers. This is just one testament to the products profit making ability.

Just a few of the specific ways that this automated marketing system can be an excellent profit making opportunity for you are provide below:

  • You earn $30 commission for every application that is received. That's right, this means you start to earn money before the sales is even closed!
  • You earn $200 for every Carbon Copy Pro sale that you make!
  • You also earn commissions marketing the Wealth Masters International product line.

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